@Introduction of exhibition
The total length in the building is about 240m. The total length of the passage is about 1.5km. As the aquarium of the indoor type, it is a very big aquarium.

In the pavilion, it is possible to see slowly because it doesn't have the seeing route and it is divided into the zone of 12.

It is possible to re-enter into a hall. Please request for gate staff and take re-entering ticket.
[A] Performance Stadium Sea Lion Show and Kingdom of Sea Creatures
Enjoy an amusing show performed by Sea lions.
*Show times may change without notice.
Please check the schedules on the day of your visit.
[B] Marine Mammal Kingdom
Observe the Sea lions,Fur seals and Harbor seals living in a pool recreated from their natural shore. On the 1st floor,you can see them from the underwater window.
[C] Living Fossils nautilus
Living fossils or ancient fish?Pearly nautilus,Horseshoe crab,and Lung fish,introduce you to the primitive earth.
[D] Coral Reef Diving
A variety of different colored fish swim in this huge tank. It is easy to feel as you were underwater diving the coral reef.
[E] Sea of Kumano, Ise-Shima and around Japan Sea of Ise-Shima Finless porpoise
Discover the marine creatures living in Ise Bay,Kumano Nada(open sea) and other areas around Japan.
Come see the Finless porpoise,a species first propagated in an artificial environment.
[F] Jungle World African Manatee
See animals from the great rivers of the tropical rainforests living as they would in their home rivers. Toba is also the only aquarium in Japan where you can see the African manatee.
[G] Swamp in the forest Ornata Horned Frog
Explore the world of amphibians and reptiles living along the waterfronts. See various rare creatures,Reptiles such as the snapping turtle and the richly colored Poison Arrow Frogs.
[H] Marmaid Sea Dugong
Toba is the aquarium where you can see the very rare Dugong-the origin of the mermaid legend.
[I] Polar Zone Sea Otter Commerson's Dolphin
Take a look their life of sea otters, Commerson's dolphins and other marine mammal animals living in the severe cold sea.
[J] Rivers in Japan Rice field water tank River in Japan
The re-creation of a waterfall,a rapid river and other river environments in Japan shows you the beauty of the immediate waterfront environment and the creatures living there.
[K] Special Exhibition Room
We offer various programs and special exhibitions, where you can study more about the creatures at our aquarium.
[L] Water Gallery -Aqua Promenade- Eastern White Pelican
Come note the variety of water creatures such as pelicans,penguins and otters that have evolved and adapted along with the changes to the earth.
Special Exhibition Room
Please come and see the beautiful animals such as jelly fishes,Garden eel .
Marine Gallery
Permanent exhibition of beautiful shells and other special exhibitions.

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